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by Robin Pearson

Courage Adams returns to Nigeria to meet up with the Lagos BMX Crew, trace his roots, see his family, and just generally get involved with how they do things there.  Fraser Byrne and Tyrone Bradley did an amazing job with this film – it’s an impressive documentary that serves as a real eye-opener, a true insight into the scene with the pioneers of BMX in Nigeria.  Grab a brew and enjoy.

More info:

At age 12 Courage Adams started riding BMX, but by age 16 he’d turned pro, taken the BMX world by storm and made the most of his parents’ bold move. Now, he returns to his roots in Nigeria, discovering new connections amongst a community of like-minded bike lovers.

BMX street is one of the most frequently evolving sports in the world. Fashions come and go as pro riders flit between the contest scene and their latest video release. In Nigeria, things are a bit different.

As it is around the globe, riding bikes can be about breaking down walls and allowing an ever-growing group of riders to connect and feed off each other’s inspirations and influences.

Follow Courage, Starboy, KK Money and S-King as we return to the streets of Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, to illustrate just what a difference riding bikes has made to their lives and what their hopes are for the history of the sport in their town.

BMX on the streets of Lagos seems to be a blend of both old- and new-school influences and looks set to head off in its own unique direction as the riders and scene evolves. We can’t wait to see just what the future brings for BMX in Nigeria.


Matty Cranmer Bike Check

Matty Cranmer is a bright young man, so it only makes sense that his bike is equally bright. Matty took a Tall Order 215 frame in his signature Matt Yellow colorway and laced it up with a bunch of copper, chrome, and even rainbow parts. Does it work? Well, he thinks it does. Take an up-close look and decide for yourself!

Frame: Tall Order 215 in Matt Yellow

Fork: Tall Order Ramp Fork

Bars: Tall Order Ramp Bar


Barends: Someone’s old plastic ones

Stem: Shadow Odin

Headset: Shadow Stacked

Cranks: Shadow Killer – 170mm

Bottom Bracket: Shadow Stacked – 22mm

Sprocket: Shadow Jesco

Chain: Shadow Supreme

Pedals: Eclat Surge CNC

Seat: Tall Order Logo

Front Wheel: Shadow Truss Rim, Ti Spokes, Tall Order Glide Hub

Rear Wheel: Shadow Truss Rim, Ti Spokes, Tall Order Drone Hub

Front Tire: Tall Order Wallride Foldable

Rear Tire: Tall Order Wallride Foldable

Pegs: Shadow Welterweight Plastic

Weight: 24lbs 8oz

Who are your current sponsors? 

Tall Order, Vans, EVL, SC Bicycles

How long have you been on this bike?

This beast was uncaged about four months ago!

What made you pick this frame color?

I love bright colors – especially yellow. Yellow tends to make people happier without even noticing and it’s about as positive as it gets. I support it!

Word on the street is you might have another frame in the works. Any details on that?

Having my first signature color was rad, but we’re talking about the next one already. I’ve got some ideas. Bright ideas… with a tad more flavor. Perhaps my own graphics? I’m not sure yet, but it’s going to be sick!

How often do you build up a new bike?

I feel like I aim to freshen it up about every six months, but it’s never an all new bike. I feel changing parts is a big confidence booster and gives me a little motivation to ride harder. New colors and a solid steed are indeed necessary!

What’s with all of the titanium? Are you pretty crazy about the weight on this thing?

I never cared about weight until as of recently when I realized that if I can shed some pounds, it’s one less pound I need to throw around and maybe one more foot of air I can get. I don’t know if the physics are correct on that, so don’t trust me!

How much PSI do you usually ride in your tires?

Precisely 76 PSI! Or at least 65. Maybe a tad lower than 80!

Any other special modifications to your bike?

Not really a special modification, but I like cutting my bars exactly to 27 inches. I asked a friend to cut this set of bars and he cut them a half-inch shorter. I assume that’s an accidental modification? I also have a titanium pivotal seatpost bolt, which has gotta benefit me somehow!

What’s the best thing about your bike?

My favorite thing about my bike is the color. I feel like it’s bright and so far off from what anyone else would have combined on their bikes. – whether it’s the copper rims or the rainbow spokes. It’s the fastest, brightest bike in the world!

Bike Check taken from: https://www.vitalbmx.com/features/Matty-Cranmer-Bike-Check,6200