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Most of the new school riders wont really know who FDM as a company are, who the man Steve Crandall is. You might have heard of the name FBM but only riders in their late 20’s+ will know what that brand really stood for, it was for the LOVE of BMX and nothing more. Even the name, FBM which is short for FAT BALD MAN, a dig at the coprate companies that tried to control BMX in the begining and still try till this day. It was this Brand that always made sure BMX will be free and im sure it will stay with their memory. Check out their videos below and get a feel of how awesome they where.

Although their doors are closed, im sure what Steve and his crew stood for will live on in the memories and riders they touched over the 17 years of producing Bike Parts. here is the full statement from them:  

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