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  • Bike Parts

    BSD Logo Slim Pivotal

    Slim Pivotal Logo seat by BSD

    Classic Logo BSD Pivotal seat for your freestyle BMX setup. It comes in a slim design and is covered with wear-resistant black Kevlar material.

    Notice: Only works with pivotal seat posts

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  • Bike Parts

    Cinema Waxed Fat Stealth

    Stealth BMX seat with thick padding

    Cinema Waxed Fat Stealth BMX seat both looks nice and come with some dope features.

    • Squeeze your seat with your thighs on barspins easy with its thick padding and fat design.
    • Comfortable sit and a clean look thanks to its canvas upper and faux leather lower
    • Adjust the angle of your seat with a 5mm Allen key from below
    • Cool colorway and no top patch for a steezy look
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