A Tree for every BMX sold!

We believe that we all have a part to play in making this world a better place. It’s no secret that the current situation in today’s world is that the environment around is slowly disappearing, this is causing a huge change in our climate which is affecting all life on this place we call home. Earth.

We have teamed up with The Grow 10 Trees Project to aid and contribute to their amazing work in making our Home a better place. The idea behind this collaboration is to grow local tree’s from either cuttings or seed and nurse these tree’s until they are old enough to be put in the wild during one of their many afforestation projects the group holds throughout the year. When a BMX Complete bike is purchased, we will donate a tree in the persons name and even invite them to come and plant the tree themselves if they want too.

The tree’s we will be growing will range from Holm oak (Ballut), Carob (Harrub), Almond (Lewża), Aleppo Pine (Żnuber) and many more local tree species that are found on our Island.